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Vu is the future of the television industry, in India, and globally.

Founded in 2006 in California, Vu Televisions is the leader in the premium television segment and the largest seller of 4K TVs in India. With its own development lab for in hardware and software cold fusion in displays, Vu is has been leading innovation in the premium television industry with 4K, QLED, Android and Large size displays.


Vu Technologies makes televisions for the new-age consumer who wants to experience detailed picture and sound clarity, beautiful aesthetics and a world of content. The captivating product range of Vu, which includes Iconium, Pixelight, Quantum Pixelight and Official Android series, has cemented the brand as the fastest growing TV brand in India. In 2018, Vu launched the world's largest television - the Vu 100.

The company generated a revenue of Rs 1000 crore in 2018 (FY 2018-19), with an installed base of 1.5 Million TVs nationwide. Vu is recognized for industry’s best after sales service, with ISO 9001-certified 24/7customer support centre.

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The Vu Launch
The Vu Launch

Vu Televisions emerge as market leaders in large size and 4K category in India.

California-Indian Luxury TV player, Vu Televisions beats Sony, in the 4K television category. The brand has emerged as a market leader with its 4K range of smart TVs reporting sales of over 1,50,000 sets in the second half of 2019. With the increasing demand for smart televisions in the last few years, the brand has experienced a 30% YoY growth since its inception. In the large size television category, the company has remained the single largest player with its unique Vu 100 (World’s first and only 100-inch television).


Commenting on the Vu TV’s sustained leadership, Devita Saraf, Chairman, Vu Televisions said, “The Indian market demands a perfect mix of innovation and technology at the right price point. Today, television is not just a device for viewing entertainment content but is a go-to screen for work, fitness, and socializing. We understand the evolving needs of our consumers and have stayed relevant all along with our unique product offering. Today, this celebration of our leadership across the large-size TV and the most sought-after 4K TV category is a testimony of our strong reach across a diverse segment of audiences and we’ll continue to innovate on this path of consumer centricity as we move forward."

Known for providing a premium experience to its users, Vu Televisions has always upgraded the viewing experience for the consumers with the plethora of products they offer. The brand today offers smart TVs across 6 categories in 10 sizes. They are amongst the biggest players in the large size TV segment in the Indian market. Recently, Vu launched the Ultra Android TV with the salient feature of Pure Prism Grade High Brightness Panel.