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Televisions for the New Age

Vu Technologies was founded as a luxury technology company in 2006 by Devita Saraf and has an annual revenue of Rs.1000 Cr ($130 Million) with over 2 Million TV units sold worldwide. Headquartered out of Mumbai (India) with R&D in Palo Alto, California (USA), Vu is the leader in the premium television segment and the largest manufacturer of 4K TVs in India. 

Vu Technologies develops and manufactures televisions for new-age consumers who want to experience the best picture and sound quality, superior aesthetics and advanced computing and content. Vu Technologies product range includes 4K TVs, Android TVs, Large Size TVs and Corporate TVs. The inventions of Vu Technologies include the world’s largest TV – The Vu 100, Vu Swarovski TV, the world’s first computer integrated TV – The Vu Intelligent TV and the Vu Office TV. Vu’s hardware innovations include Pixelium Glass

Technology, ActiVoice Remote with Hotkeys and software innovations include Upscaler Technology and Vu Cricket Mode.

Vu Technologies has 11 offices across India is recognized for the industry’s best customer service with its ISO 9001-certified 24x7 customer support centre.

Vu Televisions premieres the Vu Cinema TV with Pixelium Technology made for movie buffs and OTT content lovers for the cinema-like experience!

VU Technologies, India’s leading premium television company today launched a new category of television which is set to change cinema viewing experience for its audience. Labelled, ‘Vu Cinema TV’ this new smart television is equipped with Vu’s Pixelium Glass Technology, in-built 40 Watt Tweeter and front sound bar, and Dolby processing Audio to enhance the viewing experience of the viewer. Vu Cinema TV is India’s first TV that involves 100% robotic assembly of LED panels that ensures absolute precision, uniform brightness across all edges and sleek frameless design.


Speaking at the launch, Devita Saraf, Chairperson and CEO, VU Technologies said, “Vu Televisions are the leaders in hardware and software innovation for TVs in India since 2006 and we have kept that promise with the launch of Vu Cinema TV. This television is specifically designed keeping in mind the viewing pattern of today’s millennials who prefers to watch content across OTT platforms. Consumers can save on expensive movie theatre tickets and get cinema-like picture quality on OTT content from the comfort of their home.”

Vu Cinema TV’s breakthrough, high-performance optical panel with Vu Pixelium technology, enhances light reflection by 40% elaborating picture brightness and wide viewing angle. Compared to other 4K UHD’s the Vu Cinema TV gives an incredible 500 nits brightness.

Vu Televisions emerge as market leaders in large size and 4K category in India.

California-Indian Luxury TV player, Vu Televisions beats Sony, in the 4K television category. The brand has emerged as a market leader with its 4K range of smart TVs reporting sales of over 1,50,000 sets in the second half of 2019. With the increasing demand for smart televisions in the last few years, the brand has experienced a 30% YoY growth since its inception. In the large size television category, the company has remained the single largest player with its unique Vu 100 (World’s first and only 100-inch television).


Commenting on the Vu TV’s sustained leadership, Devita Saraf, Chairman, Vu Televisions said, “The Indian market demands a perfect mix of innovation and technology at the right price point. Today, television is not just a device for viewing entertainment content but is a go-to screen for work, fitness, and socializing. We understand the evolving needs of our consumers and have stayed relevant all along with our unique product offering. Today, this celebration of our leadership across the large-size TV and the most sought-after 4K TV category is a testimony of our strong reach across a diverse segment of audiences and we’ll continue to innovate on this path of consumer centricity as we move forward."

Known for providing a premium experience to its users, Vu Televisions has always upgraded the viewing experience for the consumers with the plethora of products they offer. The brand today offers smart TVs across 6 categories in 10 sizes. They are amongst the biggest players in the large size TV segment in the Indian market. Recently, Vu launched the Ultra Android TV with the salient feature of Pure Prism Grade High Brightness Panel.

Vu ups the game with revolutionary Vu VOD Upscaler™ Technology, VOD picture and sound quality in 3 new TV range

The revolutionary Vu VOD Upscaler is a breakthrough technology to specifically enrich the video and audio playback for VOD (Video On Demand) content like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and others. High-production VOD content is made with the latest in camera and VFX technology, but in most cases, viewers do not get optimum experience because of internet speed and quality constraints. Vu has developed proprietary upscaling technology that combines multiple advanced machine learning algorithms working in parallel with a state-of-the-art DSP (digital signal processor) to provide the best video/audio playback for VOD content. This gives high-end, cinema-quality playback for VOD content.


Commenting on the latest development, Devita Saraf, Chairman & CEO quoted: “The revolutionary VOD Upscaler technology has been in development for more than 3 years, with 107 man-years of engineering effort to create it.  Vu makes television for the new- age consumer who wants to experience detailed picture quality and sound clarity, beautiful aesthetics and a world of content. Having customer-centric approach has led Vu to the unwavering loyalty of the customers- high net worth individuals and young professionals”

Vu stealth launched the revolutionary Vu VOD Upscaler technology with its Premium Android range of TVs. In addition, more than 3,000 units have been installed in the month of March. Vu has received raving reviews for its picture and audio quality – some even rating it better than Samsung and LG. Vu has the legacy of information technology which gives it the unique capability to create a technology like the Vu VOD Upscaler, which converges information technology into televisions.

Vu 100 Launched in India, a 100-Inch 4K TV Priced at Rs. 20 Lakhs

The Vu 100 is the most spectacular television you can buy today. Its 100 inches panel is the size of 224 iPhones! But it’s not all about size. Vu’s superior panel technology gives you 2.5 billion colours with depth and sharpness, 2000 watt sound that will both stun you with its power and ensure you hear every voice with clarity. And all of this comes packed in a stylish full metal designer exterior that would look at home in the world’s top art galleries.


Quality always comes at a price, and at around 20 lakhs per TV, the Vu 100 delivers the biggest bang for your buck!. There are those who demand the best and are willing and able to pay for it. Currently, there are thousands of cars being bought for 20 lakh, and homes for more than 20 crores. The market is there for discerning consumers looking for the best for their homes, not to mention hotels, clubs, airport lounges, and offices.

Since inception Vu has been known for customer-centric innovation of 4K, QLED, and Official Android. Which has led to the unwavering loyalty of our customers – high net worth individuals and young professionals – to who we owe our best. In August we sold our millionth television, making us the largest 4K television brand in India, ahead of Sony. We have grown from a 95 crore company 3 years back, to a 750 crore company last year and will be at a revenue of Rs. 1,200 crore this year. With the largest and most innovative range of TVs, Vu is the future of the television industry, in India, and globally.