The Vu Cinema TV is not just a television but also a complete Cinema experience for VOD content. The Vu Cinema TV offers Pixelium Brightness Technology 4K Panel with 40-watt front sound bar and Dolby processing Audio for an incredible picture and sound experience of VOD’s. This smart television runs on official Android Pie 9.0 with the Google eco system for pre-loaded premium apps, to ensure both picture & sound quantity and the best quality from your streaming content. Vu puts more control in your hands with the ActiVoice remote and 5 Hotkeys to instantly access built- in Premium Licensed apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar and Google Play with plenty of Indian apps and content too.

Our breakthrough, high-performance, optical panel with Vu Pixelium Glass Technology enhances light reflection by 40% elaborating picture brightness and wide viewing angle. Compared to other 4K UHD TVs, get an unbelievable 500 nits brightness!

4 impressive speakers, 2 master speakers to amplify vocals and bass along with 2 tweeters handling the higher notes assures a full range of sound is poured into your room. The intricacies of sound come alive providing a pragmatic sound experience.

Assembled by Skynet, promised for the future of entertainment! Vu is India’s first television brand that involves a 100% robotic assembly of LED panels that ensures absolute precision, uniform brightness across all the edges, and a sleek, frameless design.

Our latest processor and Upscaler technology enable you to enjoy viewing with our premium content partners, like- Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube and Google Play.

An algorithm coded to transmit cinematic realism from your favourite VOD channels like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime onto your screen.

Features that ensure a big screen clarity and an enhanced colour reproduction. The elevated brightness and intricacies make your favourite movies come to life in any living space

Using the direct LED matrix and optical polarized film hardware along with our unique Adaptive luma software, we adjusted the dynamic backlight control and backlight level to change the overall brightness & details of black on the screen. This help to automatically darken dark areas and lighten light areas of images to see more details

Special Dolby supported Sound Modes devised to decode captivating, theatre- like audio-visual performance. Each mode widens the sound field customizing your viewing experience.

Front-facing 40W Vu Speakers for multidimensional audio clarity of vocals & surround sound. The rich immersive sound fills any living space unleashing the ultimate cinematic experience.

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With Google Android 9.0 access the entire Google ecosystem Play Store, Google Games, Google Movies and much more.

Direct access to the best of content and films through Vu ActiVoice remote and Google Assistant support, providing a seamless visual experience.

Using multi screen share app on TV, you can cast your music, video, pictures stored on your Apple phone to Vu TV by clicking Airplay on your phone.

The ultimate Call of Duty experience, delivered in your hands. Built-in Google Chromecast is adaptable to Apple iOS devices as well as Android and Windows gadgets.

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