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Stunning Cinema moments captured by an IPS High Bright Panel !

Vu Cinema has an A+ grade IPS panel with high-intensity and an accurate white balance for the best viewing experience, even in daylight. Brightness is ensured across all the edges and corners with the calibrated white balance for the right colour tones.

Immersive audio experiences guaranteed by a 40Watt Soundbar !

Audio is created through different layers of sound i.e. vocal, background music and instrument. To get the actual effects of all the different layers, you need multiple speakers which can carry different sound layers from different speakers. This means two stereo speakers are not enough.  To solve that issue, Vu Cinema TV delivers a 40Watt Front Soundbar with 4 speakers which create immersive sound effects along with Dolby processing audio.

Instant access guaranteed with Vu ActiVoice Remote !

Preloaded with licensed apps like Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar & Google Play on the remote, you can instantly access your favourite apps at the touch of a button. Ask it questions, discover the best content, control the smart devices around your home, all with just your ActiVoice Remote.

Perfection assembled in a Bezel-less design !

A Bezel-less TV requires precise work beyond a handmade assembly. Hence, all of Vu TVs are built by a robotic machine that helps assemble all the layers of the LED panel in a more efficient manner. The robotic assembly ensures even brightness across all the edges while also ensuring calibrated black & white balance for the right colour tones, increasing the uniformity of brightness & colours all across the panel.

Reputed across the land as a Premium Content Partner !

Vu Cinema TVs are recommended by all premium content partners like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube & Google Play. Our latest-generation processor and software fulfilled all the requirements of these premium apps. Built-in data compression and Upscaler technology help stream the VOD content smoothly on our TVs.

Control your world with Advanced Picture Quality.

With Adaptive Luma Control, you can see the picture details with intense contrast, Digital MPEG Noise Reduction reduces MPEG block noise and provides clearer edge transitions, PC and Game Mode can help you calibrate the refresh rate and resolution for the best gaming experience, and Cricket Mode can improve the appearance of the cricket ball on every background in the stadium.

Surround Sound delivered by a Master Speaker+Tweeter.

Vu Cinema TV comes with two powerful amplified speakers that handle the low to mid range frequency, i.e. vocal and bass, while two tweeter speakers control the higher frequency, i.e. treble. Tweeters are used to produce upper-range sounds, i.e. treble, and complement other speakers that aren't suited for this so that you can hear the full sound range.

Otherworldy sound clarity fulfilled with Dolby Audio .

Dolby Audio Processing optimizes the overall sound quality by increasing the bass, making the dialogue clear and natural, and widening the sound field. Vu Cinema 2K TV comes with a single-package solution for decoding all the universal audio content available worldwide. Supported Dolby Audio formats are Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Pulse.

A world of entertainment delivered by Android Pie 9.0

WIth licensed Google Android PIE 9.0, the Vu Cinema TV gives access to the entire Google ecosystem like Play Store, Google Games, Google Movies and certified apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and Hotstar, creating engaging and effortless opportunities for users to use videos & apps in the fastest way.

Endless stories promised through Google Play Store.

With the official Google Play Store, you can download thousands of movies, shows and games. With the new Play Store interface, it is very easy to search for your favourite content and apps. Parental control will also allow you to block adult and unrated content.

Seamlessly interface with Apple iPhone Connectivity

Using the multi-screen share app on the TV, you can cast your music, video, and pictures stored on your Apple phone to the Vu Cinema TV by tapping Airplay on your phone.

Expand your reach with Chromecast.

With Chromecast built-in, you can easily cast movies, shows and photos from your Android, Mac, or Windows device to your Vu Cinema TV.

Optimized functions discovered with the Vu Help App.

You can use the Vu Help App if you want to learn how to use the Android Smart function, how to set up the TV and connectivity, learn more about apps, software and many things about Vu TV functions.

Never-ending streaming with 64 Bit Quad Core Processor. 

Vu Cinema TV is equipped with a new generation 4-core CPU with a powerful GPU, 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage that can help you enjoy a seamless performance of the smart functions and streaming of your favourite content.

Extend your influence with Ports & Connectivity

Connect your setup box, Blu-ray Player & other devices with the HDMI port. Play your movies with the USB HDD. Select the built-in TV speaker sound or connect your external sound system with a variety of connections like ARC, Optical or Bluetooth connectivity.

Preserving your world with Energy Saving.

Energy Saving is a feature on Vu TVs where we use a power saver capacitor to optimize picture and sound. This reduces energy consumption, and thus, your electricity bills. Energy Saving not only protects the TV but also increases its life.

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