Be the Third Umpire with Vu TV's Cricket Mode

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Authentic Picture and Sound Engineering

Featuring the Cricket Mode, the Vu TV enhances the contrast and the colour accuracy while watching a cricket match to deliver crystal-clear picture-quality that is nothing short of a visual treat. Cricket Mode enhances each pixel particularly while watching  the match. When viewing cricket on TV, viewers do not always get clear visibility of ball, especially when the batsman hits the long shot and ball is in full motion. You always find the speed and visibility of ball is constrained. Vu has developed Cricket Mode setting on it’s TVs with optimized brightness and different picture setting to improve the appearance of cricket ball on every background in stadium. This helps to create the depth between the cricket ball and the ground and ensures the ball is clearly visible on any background of stadium in respective ground, sky or audience. Now do not miss the ball in every action of the game!


Made for Cricket not Football

Multiple TV brands come up with Sports Mode in their TVs which is not suitable for watching a sport especially like Cricket, where the ball is very small and always the ball travels at a faster speed hence when in full motion the ball cannot be seen properly. Such type of Modes (Sports mode) made by other brands is perfect for watching sports like Basketball, Football, etc. where the size of the ball is big enough and ball can be seen easily even when it is in full motion. While Vu has come with its Innovative technology named 'Cricket Mode' which specifically made for enjoying perfect view of every ball in a cricket match. None of the brands in the Television industry have done such Innovation which is specifically made for the sport like Cricket, which is the most popular and favourite sport of India. Vu TVs Cricket mode ensures to give 100% ball visibility even when the full is in full/faster motion.

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To Enable the Cricket Mode feature follow the below steps.
Step1: Go to Settings.

Step2: Select Device Preferences.

Step3: Select option named 'Picture' under Device Preferences.

Step4: Select option named 'Picture Mode'

Step5: Select option named 'Cricket' under Picture Mode.

Once following settings are done, you can enjoy the best of Cricket Action and Experience the
Third Umpire view on your Vu TV!

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Available to all

Unlike other brands Vu does not just believe in promoting the products by providing Sponsorship in Cricket or any Sport Tournaments/Leagues. Our ethics are to deliver what actually comes with our products and how it benefits the end user. All the current models of Vu TVs listed in the product page of our website come up with 'Cricket Mode' feature.