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Vu Pixelight TV

Available in 43, 50, 55, 65

  • Picture: HDR10 + High Bright 4K Panel + Adaptive Contrast + Digital MPEG Noise Reduction

  • Sound: Built in Dolby Audio and DTS TrueSurround Sound Technologies 

  • Content and Software:VOD Upscaler Technology with Digital Signal Processor

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube & Premium Licensed Apps on Remote

  • Connectivity: Vu AnyView Cast for Screen Sharing from Smartphone

  • Design: Premium Titanium Grey Aesthetics


HDR10 + High Bright 4K Panel + Adaptive Contrast + Digital MPEG Noise Reduction

Pixelight 4K HDR10: With the help of Pixelight™ 4K HDR10 technology TV delivers to you an outstanding picture with high contrast and accurate details based on HDR10. You'll be refreshed by what you see - Whites look brighter, blacks look darker and colors look more vibrant.

High Bright Panel : We used High intensity panel with accurate white balance for best viewing experience even in day light. We make sure the brightness to ensure even brightness across all edges and corners and calibrated white balance for right  colors tones!

Adaptive Contrast : Automatically darken dark area and lighten light area of images to see more details

Digital MPEG Noise Reduction : Improve how clear the picture appears by reducing noise and provides clear edge transmissions

Cinema Day & Night Mode : Optimise picture setting to Cinema night for best suited for watching movies with dark environment and Cinema day for best suited for watching movies in a bright environment.


Built in Dolby Audio and DTS TruSurround Sound Technologies

Dolby Digital Plus : It gives you an advance surround sound audio tech that established standard for cinema, broadcast and home theater surround sound comes in-built in your TV. Expert Sound Details with DTS TruBass, DTS TruSurround, DTS TruDialog

DTS TruBass: enhance the perception of Bass frequencies to proide deep, rich bass response from the TV’s internal speaker

DTS TruSurround: Deliver an immersive surround sound experience.

DTS TruDialog: Boost the frequency range of human voice so dialog is clearly understood and heard above audio or surround effects

Late Night Mode Sound : In late night mode, the TV will improve the reproduction and clarity of the human voice with low volume level

Audio Only Mode: Turn OFF the TV display and use audio mode to listen to music on your app or USB disk.

Content and Software

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube & Premium Licensed Apps on Remote

Vu Smart OS : A new Smart TV operating system developed for a Vu Premium customers. With simplified UI design a smart TV has never been so easy to use. Moreover you can choose your favorite apps, source and reset them on the home page. Enjoy the cinematic experience that premium smart bring to you

The Vu VOD Upscaler : It is a breakthrough technology to specifically enrich the video and audio playback for VOD (Video On Demand)  content like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime and others. High-production VOD content is made with the latest in camera and VFX technology, but in most cases viewers do not get optimum experience because of internet speed and quality constraints. Vu has developed proprietary upscaling technology that combines multiple advanced machine learning algorithms working in parallel with a state of the art DSP (digital signal processor)  to provide the best video/audio playback for VOD content. This gives high-end, cinema quality playback for VOD content.

License YouTube & Netflix :  Preloaded with premium Netflix & YouTube app

One-Touch Access: At a touch of button you can instantly access Netflix & YouTube. By clicking a dedicated button on your Vu remote control you are taken straight online allowing you to enjoy the rich streaming content of all your favorite shows and movies.  


Vu AnyView Cast + Remote on Smart Phone

Any View Cast & DLNA: Use our AnyView Cast or DLNA network to share content from Android Smart phone or Tablet over Wifi to Vu Smart TV.

Remote On Smart Phone : By using the Remote Now App, you can even use your smartphone as a remote. Also you can use your smartphone to control or share your phone content on Big Screen

YouTube & Netflix Casting from Android & Apple Mobile Phone : On Ultra Smart TV quickly cast and control YouTube & Netflix and other app content from your Android or Apple phone.

HDMI CEC & ARC function : Control your HDMI connected CEC compatible devices with single remote. Also connect your external ARC sound system over single HDMI cable.


Titanium Grey Design : The Vu Pixelight TV built is made with titanium Grey material whish blends perfectly to a modern day living room. With slim bezel design the next generation Pixelight 4K TV provides less distraction on the design and focus more action on the content.  


Can we see youtube on this TV & can we connect mobile with it?

Yes, You can see the Youtube from YouTube app or directly press an hotkey on remote. You can connect Android mobile using anyview cast.

Does this TV support Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Yes, This TV comes with preloaded Licensed Netflix and Amazon Prime Apps, even Hotkeys of these apps are availabe on Remote Control

Which all apps work on this TV?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, ZEE5, EROS NOW, Hungama Play, YuppTV, Daily Motion, AccuWeather, icflix, TED, Toon Goggles, Plex

Can I download apps in this TV?

Yes, this TV comes with a pre-loaded VEWD Store from where you can download the apps available on VEWD store.

Is sound system provided by DOLBY?

Yes, TV support all new generation of Dolby Audio codec like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus.

Does this TV support Surround Sound?

Yes, This TV comes with DBX Sonic, DBX Total Sound & DBX Surround Sound to enhance the sound ecperiance

Can we connect home theater?

Yes, This TV has Optical Audio out and HDMI ARC support to connect your external Home Theater.

Can I use this TV as a sound bar?

Yes, This TV has built in feature of Audio only Mode, were you can turn off the TV Display by selecting the  Audio only feature  to listen to music on your apps or USB.

Does this TV support HDR?

Yes, This TV support HDR and HDR10 format

Which panel is this?

A+ Grade High Bright 4K HDR10 Panel.

Does this TV support the 4K streaming?

Yes, This TV support the 4K streaming from different VOD apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube

Do I get brand warranty?

Yes. Vu provides 1-year domestic warranty.