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Customer Support

  • 24*7 customer support, Call us anytime, any day and our representative can help you on the phone or over Whatsapp.

  • Online warranty check, by putting your set serial number on warranty check portal site you can easily see till what period your tv is under warranty. This makes a customer easy to check his warranty period.

  • Purchase an extended warranty online, we believe that customers time is valuable and so we provide online extended warranty, by just dropping an email to our warranty team you will get the quote and modes of payment to purchase the extended warranty.

  • Serving customers, all our technicians are well trained and hence we solve customer’s issues as quick as possible by providing site visit to customers location.

  • Trust, we strongly believe in building trust of the customers so we make sure the customer is satisfied with the product he purchased by doing happy calling to the customers and taking their valuable feedback.

  • Values, to build trust with our customers, we use positive and latest technology to meet & exceed customer expectations.


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