The Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with the next-gen, high-performance special optical film that controls the amount of light entered through the backlight LEDs, increasing the viewing angle through its wide reflection. With the light reflection enhanced by 40% and the overall brightness improved with accurate white balance, you get to avail the best viewing experience even in the daylight.

Every sound, vocal and bass is clear and amplified in this Vu Ultra 4K TV. The noise-cancellation technology effectively reduces noise from anything and everything that you are watching, thereby giving you a customized viewing experience at any time of the day.

Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with preloaded licensed apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hotstar & Google Play on the remote, you can easily watch your desired content at the touch of a button. Avail true luxury with your Active Voice Remote that can help you discover the best content and while you control the smart devices around your home at the command of your voice.

Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with ultra-thin and bezel-less design which is precisely achieved by a robotic machine with no plastic or metal border around the display panel. The same robotic machinery is also responsible for the accurate assembly of the LED panel with regards to the right colour tones along with its calibrated black and white balance. The excellent design and display contribute to a superior viewing experience like never before.

Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with Dolby Vision, HDR10 & HLG technology which enhances colour details, depth, sharpness and the black and white level by maximising the contrast and colour accuracy to bring out true colours and enhanced levels of clarity during your viewing experience, even in the darkest areas.

Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with three main features of the Digital Theatre System add overhead sound effects to deliver surround sound with greater realism than older sound formats.

TruBass HDX: Optimizes overall sound quality by increasing bass, making dialogue clear and natural, and widening the sound field.

TruSurround X: Provides surround sound experience with psychoacoustic processing to place sounds beside, behind, and above the viewer. For best results use with Surround X Sound.

Dialogue Clarity: Reduce extra noise from background and improve Dialogue Clarity.

Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with access to unlimited content from the Google Store, Google Games, Google Movies & certified apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, YouTube, etc. No matter the content, the latest simplified user interface with fast navigation and easy to search content helps to effortlessly play it on your Vu TV.

The new generation Quad core processor of Vu Ultra 4K TV allows users to enjoy a richer and more immersive 4K Ultra-HD experience. The processor is built to deliver fast, crystal-clear sports action with increased colour fidelity for an immersive experience for all OTT and 4K content.

Get the stadium home with Vu Ultra 4K TV Cricket Mode! Our advanced technology ensures you get 100% Ball Visibility even when it is in full motion, irrespective of what environment it is in so that you stay ahead of the game!

With the Official Google Play Store, the Vu Ultra 4K TV has the highest library of apps, download thousands of movies, shows and games. The latest interface makes customising content and apps as per your preferences effortless plus the parental control support allows you to block adult and unrated content.

The Vu Ultra 4K TV uses the most advanced technology which will allow you to block the content that is not appropriate for children to watch. Its supports block time, channel & program blocking, Input blocks and pin change which allows you to secure the type of content you want your children to view.

The Vu Ultra 4K TV comes with advance picture calibration based on your viewing preference.

This expert picture calibration combines of color temperatures, MPEG noise reduction, HDMI  dynamic range, Gamma correction & Color calibration to  deliver the most crisp, sharp and realistic images on a 4K TV panel for an ultimate visual experience.

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