Prerequisite for this function to work: Both TV & Mobile phones should on the same network.

To view media files can search for an app in the Google play store for android mobiles & app store for apple. Some media share applications are available for android mobiles without using any view cast feature on TV. Within the Same Wi-Fi connectivity.

Casting / mirroring directly through inbuilt cast features from mobile may not connect to cast or compatible with smart TV hence suggesting the media sharing apps.

For instance, can cast media from media sharing apps to TV easily.

They’re both made & designed to work together.

And, since casting devices use the Android operating system, many Android-based phones and tablets are compatible as well to cast media content through media sharing apps.

Below are some apps that can suggest media sharing:

1. Bubble UPNP

2. All cast

3. All connect.

Procedure for media sharing:

  1. Download the Bubble UPNP app from the play store on android mobile.

  2. Keep your TV and mobile on the same Wi-Fi network.

  3. Change source from an input (Keep the TV on HDMI 2/HDMI 1/ AV etc.)

  4. Go into the Bubble UPnP application and select local render and in that select smart TV name.

Play the media files music, videos, etc. from the application. And your TV will show you the screen

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