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CPU is the brain of our Smart TV and would handle all of the tasks you were asking it to perform. As you can imagine, if the number of CPUs were to increase, then the TV could possibly handle more 'work' more quickly & Smoothly. For certain app they are as the higher number of processors allow your TV to run processor-hungry tasks like HD video streaming and gaming to play smoothly.

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4K Ultra HD LED TV

As real as it gets, 4K Ultra HD means four times the resolution of a regular HD TV. Your content is mesmerizing on this next-to-life television.

4k-ULTRA-HDMove the cursor to see 4K resolution image

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Ultra Wide Color Gamut

Bring colors to Reality-true color to see color as nature intended. Vu Premium 4K HDR technology reproduce color that match up closer to nature’s true palette when compare to standard LED TV’s, enabling you to enjoy videos, picture & other various content in their true colour to see color as nature intended.

drag-hand-picDrag the cursor to see the Difference

No-Wide-color-gamut Wide-color-gamut
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Vu's NPD Labs have pioneered in latest television technology with award-winning innovative products.


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Vu has Largest Range of Products


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