VU Corporate Social Responsibility

Vu cherishes spreading the joy of art through Art Kits for Kids. Collecting fine art is a joy but sharing the joy of art with those less fortunate is a delight! Since Vu is a Display company, it believes in replicating the charisma of beautiful images everywhere. Therefore, it came up with this initiative of distributing Art Kits to street kids.

Vu has put together little art kits to be shared with street children providing fun and stimulating activities to them during the day, while spreading the joy of art. Each kit contains crayons, a pen, and a coloring pad. Colored pencils need a sharpener, paint is messy, and sketch pens will dry in the sun. These kits are easy to use and provide long-lasting fun. Each kit is contained in an inconspicuous brown paper wrapping to avoid being stolen or sold off

So far, we have celebrated this initiative whole heartedly by distributing these kits to kids who work for cottage industries, children of poor street construction workers and kids getting educated in mobile vans across Mumbai and have loved every bit of it.

Here is your chance to spread some happiness in Mumbai. We invite you to keep these kits handy in your car and give them to street kids, or any underprivileged child who could do with some color in his or her life. We experienced that there is nothing like seeing a kid's glittering eyes while he is making his fascination alive on a piece of paper.Pick up a supply of art kits at your nearest Vu Technologies store, at no cost to you, and spread a little joy in your community.
Ask a Vu store representative for your pack, or call on 28327875 / 9324801759 for more information.

Vu discovers the Creative Eye of Under Represented Youth

Since August 2012, Vu in collaboration with Raindancer has initiated a project called Handheld Stories to provide annual workshops to 25 students from Shree Ganesh Vidya Mandir Primary and Secondary Schools. For a period of 3 weeks, these children were taught photography, filming, editing and documenting, after which, they go on to shoot stories from their own lives. The goal is to empower these children with the technology to become active creators rather than passive consumers of media, as well as to engage a global audience through their films.

This was a 3 week course held by Vu and Raindancer. In week 1, children were introduced to the basics of storytelling, operating a Vu camera and the art of framing. They were given the opportunity to take still shots with Vu cameras, including portraits and landscape shots under the supervision of their staff.

In week 2, children created a storyboard outlining the scenes of the story they would like to tell, while identifying a central theme, characters and conflict. They were allowed to take Vu cameras outside of the classroom setting (with supervision) and start filming A-roll and B-roll footage for their respective films.
In week 3, children learnt basic Avid editing software and created a string out of their film. A screening of all films was held on the final day and children received certificates of participation. All exercises and films were shot from Vu Cameras by these underprivileged kids.

The objectives of the program were to show these students the importance of technology in today's climate and empower them to effectively use technology, to enable them to become active creators rather than passive consumers of media, as well as to help them share their own stories with a global audience.