VU Premium 4K HDR Smart LED TV

Vu (65) Premium Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV

Vu (75) Premium Ultra HD (4K) 3D, Smart LED TV


The power of 10.6 Billion colours in detail.

Pixelight High Dynamic Range technology which enhances brightness range and improves the brightest and darkest parts of the picture, and brings us a much wider range of color. Except for the improvements on dynamic contrast, HDR also enhances picture details and provides users with high quality images.

Premium Aesthetics

Inspired by performance Composites.

Vu Premium 4K Ultra Slim design bezel is so thin you can pinch it! Advanced LED technology makes Vu TVs the thinnest TVs. With anodized aluminum frame and stylishly minimalist finishing's mean it seamlessly blends with your own interior decor whilst maximising image display.

Smart of Tomorrow

The Internet Awaits.

CPU is the brain of our Smart TV and would handle all of the tasks you were asking it to perform. As you can imagine, if the number of CPUs were to increase, then the TV could possibly handle more 'work' more quickly & Smoothly. For certain app they are as the higher number of processors allow your TV to run processor-hungry tasks like HD video streaming and gaming to play smoothly.

4K Ultra High Definition

4X clarity of Full HD, Suddenly, every details become apparent

4X the clarity of Full HD, Suddenly, every details become apparent. Vu Premium UHD TV’s contain over 8million individuals pixels that transform everything you watch in to a life-like, detail rich experience, And with our 4K engine, all of your existing Full HD sports, TV shows & movies are also seamlessly upscaled to super clear 4K Ultra HD quality

Ultra Wide Color Gamut

Brings colors to Reality-true color to see color as nature intended

Vu Premium 4K HDR technology reproduce color that match up closer to nature’s true palette when compare to standard LED TV’s, enabling you to enjoy videos, picture & other various content in their true colour to see color as nature intended

Ultra Dimming

VU Ultra dimming creates Richer blacks, Purer whites, enhanced color & remarkably detailed images.

Premium UHD technology separates the screen into sections up to 240 zone depending on screen size for astonishing black levels, contrast, colors and motion fluency

Ultra Smooth Motion Rate

The technology that enable smoother transitions for the viewer

All Vu 4K Premium LED TVs use proprietary motion estimation and compensation (MEMC) algorithms, called Ultra Smooth Motion™, to create and insert frames into the picture that enable smoother transitions for the viewer. It incorporates two backlight technologies: blinking and scanning, which also contribute to smoother fast action images

Limited Edition

Get your hands on limited edition of Vu Premium UHD TV.

The limited edition VU 4K Premium HDR models 75- inch and 65 -inch are the most perfectly crafted TV’s with smart features of today and tomorrow that leaps to pure luxury and smart integrated experience producing stunning details like never before in any other existing HDR televisions today.

Three Years Warranty

Comprehensive 3 Years Warranty on Premium UHD- Enjoy Peace of Mind

The Premium UHD serves true value to its consumers as it comes with 3 years comprehensive warranty that makes this special edition a complete package.

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