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LED43D6535 Extended Warranty


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  • 2-year extension of warranty coverage from the date of expiry of manufacturer's warranty with home service
  • Valid for product purchased from our website, online portals, and Vu store
  • Repair within 10 working days
  • Usage of genuine spares during repairs

** Note: Customer should purchase Extended Warranty within 90 days of Invoice date.

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2 Years Extended Warranty

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  • Flipkart customers can purchase Extended warranty upto 90 days of billing invoice. Please call for more information on Toll Free no. 1800-228-455.

  • **NOTE: The above VU Display extended warranty @ 10% of MRP. for 2 years is valid only when taken / purchased within 3 month of Vu display purchase.

  • If taken after 3 months of purchase and within warranty period then the Extended warranty will be @ 10% of MRP. for 1 year only.

General Terms & Conditions of AMC Contract

For the purpose of these terms & conditions VU Technologies are referred to as VU and customer as specified in the contract here will be referred as BUYER.

A. Period of Contract :

  • This contract is initially for the period of one year commencing from "Service Commencing date as indicated in Annexure(s) and shall be renewed at expiry, for further period & so on unless terminated by either party as stipulated under the termination clause. Charges for a part of calendar month will be pro rata on the basis of thirty days month.

B. Terms of Payment:

  • Our standard payment terms are 100% in advance along with this contract and is payable prior to commencement of the contract.

  • C. This maintenance contract covers:

    1. Service during working hours. Service is currently provided on weekdays between 9.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday – Saturday; Sunday & Bank Holidays are treated as holiday. Response time in metros: Within 6 hours of receipt of complaint logged on the call center Resolution within 24 – 48 hours Response in non metros: Within 24 –48 hours depending on the location.

    2. Supply & replacement of defective parts / components (defects attribute to parts failure) except consumable&supplies as detailed under exclusion below.

    3. Before the start of Amc the product will be tested and if any fault noticed will be repaired on chargeable basis only.

    Exclusion: The obligation of VU under the contract excludes.

    1. Any Upgrades of the system and refurbishment of the system.

    2. Damaged ,Scratched and Dented Plastic, LCD Housing/Cabinet , LEDs, Burn Pixel in LCD Panel, Rubber Parts, Batteries, Remote, Power Adapters/Cables, Interconnecting Cables, Cracked, Partially or Fully Broken glass panels on VU LCD or damage caused by too much pressure exerted on LCD Screen etc..Data transfer and back up is solely to be taken care by the customer.

    3. Any work internal &/or external to the system such as maintenance of attachments/accessories etc not specifically agreed to.

    4. Repair or mal–function or damage due to accident flood riots misuse neglect improper use or failure due to the use of non standard/ fluctuating electrical power/telephone lines.

    5. Work due to alteration in the system by persons other than VU authorized personnel.

    6. VU will not be held liable at any time to honour the contract if it is found that the buyer does meet environmental requirements specified and recommended.

    7. VU will not be liable at any time for any damage/ defect, which occurs as a result of transfer of the system by the buyer to another location/ premises without the approval of VU or assistance by VU’s maintenance Engineer in this respect. All such transfer will be solely at buyer’s risk and are subject to FORCE MAJEUR clauses.

    8. VU will not be liable to meet its obligation under the maintenance contract in the event of any force major such as act of god fire, storm, earthquake act of government, explosion strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes, civil commotion, riot, accident etc.

    9. The contract will be considered null and void and would automatically stand terminated without any financial obligations if the buyer permits a third party to undertake repairs/ servicing etc & / or if any additions / deletions or modifications of any kind are carried out without prior written consent from VU.

    10. VU’s responsibility under a comprehensive maintenance contract is limited only to the supply and fitment of parts that may need replacement in the equipment from time to time. The part (or parts) removed from the equipment in this connection shall immediately become VU’s property and the replaced part (or Parts) fitted back in the equipment shall immediately become the Buyer’s property. VU however shall be under no obligation to supply and fit only new or unused part (or Parts) as replacement. VU shall be deemed to have fulfilled their obligation in this regards if the supplied and fitted replacement part (or parts) results in the equipment again becoming operational.

    11. Termination clause: Either party will be allowed to terminate this contract with one month prior notice to the other party. However no entitlement for refund or compensation will accrue to the BUYER for the unutilized remaining portion of the contract period.

    12. In the event of any dispute of different arising between VU with regard, the matter (s) under dispute shall be referred to a single Arbitrator mutually agreed upon or to two Arbitrators separately appointed by VU and the buyer or the umpire in accordance with India Arbitrator Act. 1980 of any new enactment replacing expending or modifying the same. Arbitrator proceeding shall take place in Mumbai. This contract shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.

    13. All compliant call should invariably be registered with VU’s Customer Support Dept. Call logging facility at their local office and call number obtained for future correspondence. When registering complaints with customer support dept. client are advised in their own interest to indicate clearly the location / Dept (s) pertaining to the system breakdown.

    14. The maintenance contract is to be renewed on or before the expiry date, failing which VU may require to ensure that the systems are fully operation. If the LCD’s are not operational then it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the inspection Vu Center,29 MIDC Central Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093. Tel: 022 28377300

    15. Charges as well as the actual repair cost quoted by VU before the actual maintenance contract commences.

    16. In case of any TDS deduction made & certificate for the same not issued within 30 days as per the relevant provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961 & Income Tax Rules 1962 as amended up to date the contract period would automatically stand reduced by a period equivalent to the TDS amount deducted.

    17. This contract agreement signifies in total with respect to all the above mentioned terms and conditions.

    18. The Customer will bear the difference of amt, of variation of Government levies in any during the period of AMC.

    19. Any parts which are bad will be replaced by equivalent VU Parts only.

    20. Training or application development is not part of this contract.

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