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4K Cinema TVs


4K TVs

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Vu Televisions

Founded in 2006 in California, Vu Televisions is a manufacturer of high-end televisions and displays. The company has a revenue of Rs.1000 Cr ($130 Million) with over 3 Million TVs sold since inception. Vu Televisions specializes in 4K and large size TVs and the products are sold across online and retail stores across India.

Vu has been known for being the innovator in the TV industry with its ability to understand the consumer’s future lifestyle and create products that are high quality and well designed with a range of features. The product innovations of Vu TVs include The Vu 100 - the world’s largest TV, the Vu Cinema TV and the Vu Intelligent TV. The feature innovations of Vu TV include Pixelium Glass Technology, ActiVoice Remote, Upscaler Technology for OTT applications.

Vu Televisions has 11 offices and over 300 employees, with its corporate headquarters and product development lab in Mumbai, India. The company is also recognized for the industry’s best customer service with its ISO 9001-certified 24x7 customer support centre. In 2020, Vu TVs won the following awards in 2020 - BGR award for Most Promising TV brand of the year, Exhibit award for Tech Leader of the Year, Stuff award for TV of the Year and The Unbiased Award for the best Television brand of 2020.


Vu Televisions 2020 Awards


Exhibit Tech Leader of the year


Most Promising TV Brand of the year


Television of the year


Best Television Brand of the year